The Relevance of Print Media in Today’s Digital World

Traditional print advertising is as strong as ever, even in today’s digital world. Believe it or not digital advertising has made print advertising more relevant. Digital advertising paired with print advertising continues to show response and conversion rates like never before. As long as there is a need for sales, it is evident print advertising will be a solid form of marketing. 

Print vs. Digital

Although print media advertising can be a standalone form of marketing, campaigns have shown when combined results can be phenomenal. To compare the two is only dependent upon the industry that is being portrayed. Both print and digital advertising are great forms of marketing and can be used for both local and national products and services. It has yet to be declared that one form of advertising is better than the other. However it is definite that print advertising has been in the spacefor much longer than digital advertising and continues to grow countless industries.

Call center importance

Every national product or service needs a call center. In order to grow a company you must increase sales. In order to increase sales you must increase traffic. That is exactly what direct response marketing does, increase call volume. The only way to handle these calls is to forward them to a call center. There are agencies that help close the loop between the marketing team and call center operations. They work with Sales Management to understand the marketing strategy and impact of the call center. These agencies also assist workforce management predict expected call volume depending on the marketing media.  Call center marketing can take any business to the next level.