Understanding the Concept of IP Targeting!!!

IP Targeting is a process that involves directing internet advertising to some particular family unit and is purely done based on their internet protocol address. The process has the power similar to direct mail but without pregnant or mailing costs nor a negative impact. This is because many people would rather get a bill than get a direct mail piece. The good thing about this targeting option is that you can reach one household or cluster for between 20-50 times a month.

The other benefit is that it helps one to target special users from a specific group or location. All that is required is to have the targeted group mapped by matching IP addresses to some names and street addresses. They will then sort the ads that they should serve the cluster and place them on the websites that they visit frequently. By reaching the targeted sample, there is a zero wasted impression or budget.

This model works without cookies. Unlike cookies that can be deleted or blocked, there are no such options in this one. This way, the advertiser can reach the internet users that they want every time that they have any online activity on the websites selected.