What Is Display Advertising and What Are Its Benefits?

Display advertising is the advertising done on digital channels like websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and mobile sites. It incorporates the three main factors that make advertising tick – grabbing attention, maximizing exposure, and being relevant. These are the reasons why many businesses invest in this type of advertising.
Definition – Display ads
Display advertisements are used in display advertising. They are paid graphic ads, also known as banner ads, and can be used on many digital platforms. The most common places where these are found is on websites when one is surfing. This makes them different from PPC ads which appear when one is searching. What are the benefits of using display ads?
Visual appeal
The first thing that display ads are known for is their visual appeal. Businesses focus on designing and styling the graphic ads with the aim of attracting attention. As such, the brand of the company stands out.
Effective targeting
Targeting is important when advertising your business, and a competent display advertising agency should help you get the audience you need for your business. This involves creating parameters for your ads regarding the platform, niche market and geographic area in which you want them to appear.
Promotes brand awareness
With effective targeting and their ability to grab attention thanks to their visual appeal, display ads are the best for promoting brand awareness when compared to pay per call among other marketing strategies. This makes it essential to make sure that you are doing your advertising right and with the right support.