Why Every Business Needs To Integrate Pay Per Call To Their Marketing Mix

The advent of the 21st century, brought with it fierce competition in the business field. Thanks to technology, and more so digital shopping and marketing, businesses all over the world are able to compete almost equally for the global market. As a small or mid-sized enterprise, surviving such stiff competition can be a challenge. Pay per call advertising can help you stretch every penny of your advertising budget to the maximum.

And with recent research indicating that phone calls usually influence $1 trillion in spending in the US at the stages of the path to purchase, most advertisers are beginning to take this strategy serious. If you are still wondering why you need it, consider the following points:

The majority of modern shoppers depend on their mobile devices for entirely everything. This is besides 67% of the buying journey happening online. 

The preponderance of consumers are counting on their smartphones to find local businesses as well as conduct background searches on them. 

That notwithstanding, it is crucial for you to find the right display advertising agency to help you run the pay per call campaign. It is projected that in 2016, display advertising drove 28.4 billion calls to US businesses. Since most customers are shifting to shopping on the digital platform, it is only sensible to run unique and properly crafted display ads with a potent call to action.