Is Print Media Advertising Dead? Here’s Proof it’s Not

Most marketers today believe that print media advertising is dead. While digital techniques are all the rage today, print advertising remains an effective marketing tool which you should not wholly abandon. 

If you are in the business of marketing, there are many reasons to give print media another chance. Take a look:

1.    Print media ads still work: A recent study showed over 55% of all consumers have trust in print marketing more than any other advertising method. 

2.    Unlimited exposure: You have more exposure for your brand on print as your adverts enjoy more time in front of target customers unlike the scheduled adverts on digital platforms.  
3.    Non-intrusive advertising: Print adverts don’t cause annoyance,and your prospects appreciate this.

4.    Targeted marketing: You can use some forms of print advertising such as package inserts, magazines among others to target specific customer segments. 

5.    Credibility: Print publications are still among the most trustworthy and your brand will share in such trust by advertising in such publications.

6.    Bigger attention span: Your advert on a digital platform will appear for a few seconds and disappear and the viewer will forget about it. Readers of print have more time on their hands and will go through your advert to get the message hence more effectiveness. 

Well, whoever says print media advertising is dead hasn’t considered these facts. Go ahead and identify a reliable marketing partner for your print campaigns and rejuvenate your marketing campaign.